“Promoting Clinical Pharmacy in Asia”

“Sharing of Experiences of Clinical Pharmacy Practice in Asia”

It was held as an interim conference to the 3rd conference in Japan

“Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Education in Asia”

“Developing Clinical Pharmacy Programs in the Hospital and Community Pharmacies in Asia”

“The Future of Asian Clinical Pharmacy: Capitalizing on Diversity”

“Globalization of Clinical Pharmacy: East and West Collaboration”

“Education, Development and Challenge: for the Future Success”

“Toward Harmonization of Education and Practice of Asian Clinical Pharmacy”

“For Dynamic Acting, For Dynamic Pharmacy Service, For Asian Patients”

“Pharmacy Forging Ahead: Achieving Better Healthcare Outcomes”

“Broadening the Impact of Clinical Pharmacy through Innovations and Dynamic Partnership”

“Citius, Altius, Fortius: Appraising Clinical Excellence, Nurturing Eminent Practice”

“The Clinical Pharmacist and Patient Care: Opportunities and Challenges”

“Improving Patient’s and Medication Safety: The Blooming Opportunity For Pharmacists Through Innovative Services and Research”

“Advancing Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Education toward Patient-Centered Care”