Selected  articles will be published in the 17th ACCP Proceeding 2017 by CRC Press/Balkema, Taylor and Francis Group with additional cost for each article. The proceeding will be submitted to the index service institutions: Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters / ISI Web of Knowledge) and Elsevier (EI / SciVerse Scopus) for evaluation to be indexed for citation purposes.

The additional cost  should be completed once the article pass the peer-reviewed process and acceptable for submission to the publisher.

Indonesian Author : IDR 1,350,000 for each article

Foreign Author : USD 100 for each article


Please make the payment using one of available methods:

  1. PayPal

There is a transaction fee of USD 10 to pay using a debit or credit card.

Language Editing Cost

  1. Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Conference Bank Account

Bank Name                       :  PT. Bank Mandiri, Tbk

Account Owner                 :  ACCP Indonesia 2017

Address                             :  Kampus B UNAIR, Dharmawangsa Dalam, Surabaya 60286, INDONESIA

Bank Branch Address       :  Dharmawangsa Airlangga Surabaya 60286, INDONESIA

Account Number               :  142-00-1525740-4

Swift Code                         :  BMRIIDJA

Guideline for Full Paper Submission

Please refer to the Instructions for Authors to make sure your manuscript complies to the Ethical Rules applicable for this proceeding.

When an Author submits a paper or article to the Publisher, the Author is obliged to sign and return both Consent to Publish and Declaration of Originality forms. With submitting a paper for publication the Author agrees to transfer the copyright of his paper to the Publisher, and the Publisher has the right to publish the paper. The Consent to Publish and Declaration of Originality forms should be uploaded together with the full paper manuscript through the online submission system on the conference webpage.

The deadline for submission is April 21, 2017.

The detail format of the paper can be adopted from the full paper sample. DOWNLOAD FULL PAPER TEMPLATE HERE.

All papers/documents should be delivered in *.doc (Word) format. *.pdf (PDF) format cannot be accepted.

The organization of the article should be covered:







Except for the title, authors, authors’ affiliations and abstract, all part should be set up as 2 columns format.

Please set up the margin settings for A4 size paper as follows:

Page Setting (cm)
Top 1.2
Botom 1.3
Left 1.15
Right 1.15
All other 0.0
Column width 9.0
Column spacing 0.7


For text body, use Times New Roman 12 point size on 13 point line spacing. Never bold and/or underline any text. Use the 10 points on 13 point line spacing for tables (Table tags), figure captions (Figure caption tag) and the references (Reference text tag).

The title should not be longer than 75 characters.

The abstract should not more than 150 words.

The number of pages per full paper is 6-12 pages. Figures should fit within the column width of 90 mm, or within the type area width of 187 mm.

Please insert the high-resolution figures in the word file (see artwork document). Figures and captions should not be centered, but placed against the left margin.

For references citation in the text, place the first authors’ last names (without initials) and the year of publication in parentheses.

Typography for references should be as follows:

  • Last name, First name. Initials (ed.) year. Book title. City: Publisher.
  • Last name, First name. Initials year. Title of article. Title of Journal (series number if necessary) volume number (issue number if necessary): page numbers.

References Examples:

Grove, A.T. 1980. Geomorphic evolution of the Sahara and the Nile. In M.A.J. Williams & H. Faure (eds), The Sahara and the Nile: 21-35. Rotterdam: Balkema.

Jappelli, R. & Marconi, N. 1997. Recommendations and prejudices in the realm of foundation engineering in Italy: A historical review. In Carlo Viggiani (ed.), Geotechnical engineering for the preservation of monuments and historical sites; Proc. intern. symp., Napoli, 3-4 October 1996. Rotterdam: Balkema.

Johnson, H.L. 1965. Artistic development in autistic children. Child Development 65(1): 13-16.

Polhill, R.M. 1982. Crotalaria in Africa and Madagascar. Rotterdam: Balkema.



Editor/organizer: Elida Zairina, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga

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